Debunking the Myths about Doors and Windows in Windsor, Ontario 

Poorly insulated, damaged, and aging doors and windows in Windsor, Ontario can cause your energy bills to go up, make your home less secure, and decrease your home's curbside appeal. But how exactly should a homeowner deal with windows and doors that are bringing down the value of their home? There are many different and conflicting opinions on the subject.

When it comes to windows and doors in Windsor, Ontario, the experts at Sure Seal Roofing & Siding are happy to help clear up any misconceptions. Here are four common myths that it's time for homeowners to stop believing:

1) Drafts can be stopped with towels and rugs 

If you notice that your Windsor, Ontario home's windows and doors are drafty, then lining them with towels and rugs should only be seen as a very short-term solution until you are able to get them replaced. Leaky windows and doors were either improperly installed in the first place, or have become too worn and damaged over the years to work properly any longer.

2) Repairing is a better option than replacement

Most damaged windows and doors, especially if they are over 15 years old, won't perform nearly as well as they used to even if they are repaired, and certainly won't perform as well as today's energy-efficient windows and doors. Repairing an old window or door still leaves the rest of the old, inefficient system in place.

3) New windows and doors won't save me any money

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions about new windows and doors in Windsor, Ontario, is that, while they may look nicer, they won't really save you any money. On the contrary, with energy-efficient windows and doors you'll find yourself having to heat a lot less in the winter and cool a lot less in the summer, making a noticeable impact on your energy bills.

4) Replacement costs outweigh potential energy savings

Even if there are savings to be had, doesn't the cost of replacing windows and doors nullify them? It is true that new doors and windows are an investment. But, if you work with a trusted contractor who offers quality craftsmanship at affordable prices, then your new windows and doors will last more than long enough to pay for themselves and to save you money over time.

Quality Installation for Windows and Doors in Windsor, Ontario

Replacing old and dysfunctional windows and doors is almost always better than trying to repair them, and the only way to secure all of the benefits of new windows and doors is to work with a professional contractor such as Sure Seal Roofing & Siding.

Sure Seal Roofing & Siding has been providing energy-efficient doors and windows in Windsor, Ontario for over 24 years. We're proud to help homeowners lower their energy bills and increase the comfort and appearance of their homes.

If it's time for you to consider getting new windows and doors, then don't hesitate to request a quote from us today.